Never an Architect…


I never wanted to confine myself to one single aim in life. I get bored swiftly. May be it’s because I like to picture myself one day saying “I’m multi-talented. I dabble in everything!” Anyway I’m one of those people who like to keep their options open.

Today I tracked my career aspirations ever since I was a kid, in my mind. And I’m proud to tell you that I recalled how my ambition changed as often as my underwear!

According to that recollection of memories when I was around 3 years old I wanted to become a teacher. I suppose that’s where all of us girls takeoff after being inspired by our pre-school teachers, the very first outsiders we meet in life apart from kith and kin. I went around enhancing the knowledge of all the brainless furniture in my house wearing a piece of cloth tucked into my short as a pallu to make it look like a sari so that my students would think I am a real teacher!



A photo taken soon after one of my students disappointed me!

But this didn’t last for long as I figured out I’m very lethargic when it comes to voicing my words. I knew I will so not survive if I am to talk for 6 hours at a stretch per day! Now, now, please don’t give me looks! You got to believe I’m talkative only on the cyberspace! The mere idea of me typing letters and them flying straight into your PC and popping up in your screen is more than enough to fill my life with ecstasy and make my day!

Anyway after giving up on this I wanted to become a writer when I was 8. No! Not a novelist, a poet, a play writer or a blog writer. I wanted to write a book on dinosaurs and publish it! And mind you, I wanted this to be not just a book but an international bestseller! Yes, you are right! I love to hitch the wagon high!


A dino baby posing for my never written book!

And back then I used to learn by heart every little thing I come across about dinosaurs. The super heroes who rocked my realm were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Iguanodon and other dinosaurs. You ask me anything, I mean ANYTHING about them, and I would answer you in an instant.

Yet later on in life, that’s like when I was 13 years old I took this knack a step further and happily announced to the ones at home that I want to become an archeologist!


Spot me in this picture if you can!

Alas, the stories I told my mother to spice her up on how one day I will go on excavating in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia almost drove her crazy. Perhaps she feared her only child will never make it after living a protected life! Anyhow it was too much for her to digest. Thus she came up with this marvelous plan to change my mind. She abruptly informed me that in order to become an archeologist, first I must become an architect. And being an ignorant one on those days gone by I fully bought her words!

That’s how I started to play with the idea of becoming an architect! No offense, I must tell you that I was indeed fond of the idea. I did Western Music at school till I stepped into grade 10 and toyed with the idea of doing Art as an artistic sense would be useful to a future Architect. But in the end I decided to take English Literature instead of Art as a main subject for Ordinary Level exams.  I had gone to Cora Abraham Art class which was at a close proximity to our school ever since I was 7 years old. There we were required to sketch the houses around as those buildings were of elegance and glamour. I simply enjoyed every second I spent on the road, sketching. Even at home I spent much time designing 3D dream houses on the computer using applications which belong to my parents. And heaps of The Architect and Asian Homes magazines were in my possession.

So I went ahead and took the bold decision of selecting Mathematics stream for Advance Level when I was 16 in 2005. Things were alright for me and I was well determined to become an Architect and I even blissfully divulged it to every single article, radio and TV programme I featured in, at my hour of fame way back in 2006!


That could have been me!

Yet to my bad luck I didn’t pass the aptitude test conducted by University of Moratuwa. Whilst things turned out like that making it a bitter pill to swallow I had to make the toughest decision so far in my life, whether I’m going to follow Architecture course at the Sri Lankan Institute of Architects or Computing and Information Systems degree at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka which I had already been selected for. I would have been much delighted if I could procrastinate for a few years before declaring what I am actually going to do. Instead I had to decide right away which seemed to be bit ridiculous that I was expected to know which side my bread is buttered on! I looked at all the possible pros and cons and the fact that I was already following the degree at Charted Institute of Management Accountants and figured my calling probably fell into the latter, between ‘Architect’ and ‘Management Executive’.

Still this year, that’s exactly a year after, I felt a pang of regret when my quick gaze went and stopped at Anjalendran – Architect of Sri Lanka book at the book fair held at BMICH recently.


A comprehensive overview of Anjalendran’s work

No matter how hard I try to lie to myself and say nothing is out of the question, realistically, I will never probably design a house which anyone would dream to live in. Or showcase my work at the architects’ exhibition and have somebody write a book called Nirmala – a Sri Lankan Architect!

But, hey, who knows, I might still make the grade and become a famous blog writer someday!


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  1. awesome work Nir!! 🙂
    hey you can be an famous novelist too someday, if you keep on writing 😀
    after completing your current degree you may still try out to be an architect 🙂

  2. මේ ලිපිය කියවල මට නම් හිතුනෙ ඔයා පොඩි කාලෙ ඉදගෙනම එකම දෙයකට හිත යොමු කරපු හොද ආස කරපු දේ පස්සෙන් පන්නපු තමන් කැමතිදේ පස්සෙන්ම පන්නපු කෙල්ලෙක් විදියටයි. ඒ වගේ අය තමයි අද අපිට අවශ්‍ය. මගෙන් සුභ පැතුම්.

  3. I’d just like to say that I had spent several years of wanting to be an architect, I even did several weeks of work experience at a firm- yet I never managed that dream. I’m currently undertaking a degree in environmental science. And while it is an incredible degree with many, many opportunities, I still live in regret every single day.

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