“Catfish” a.k.a. “The Other Facebook Movie”


It’s 12.27 AM as I’m writing this and I must tell you that I’m almost stupefied and mesmerized. It’s hard to pen down type a set of emotions in this little slice of internet heaven and pick the right words when you are like that, also on the top of it if your ears are on to some soothing music from an art gallery website.

Yet I’m well inspired to write this tonight even though I don’t necessarily believe the best in me will come out along with this sense of urge.

Only hope I’ll do justice!

It’s no secret comedy movies or animation movies hardly slip away from my fingers. I’m that frantic when it comes to  movies. Nevertheless today, I mean technically yesterday(!) I watched a movie which belongs to a different genre altogether. It’s the recently released (on 17.09.2010, if I choose to be more precise) “Catfish” drama.

I have pet fish at home. So it was the title which made me watch the movie, under the illusion perhaps the movie has something to do with fish.

But shortly after the movie started to unravel itself it was obvious looks can be deceptive! It’s a documentary movie based on social networking and ‘catfish’ is essentially a metaphorical term used.

Moreover it’s a perfect testament which reminds us on contrary to what the name ‘Facebook’ suggests the site doesn’t provide us face to face interaction and in fact it could be a line of way which has the potential of eventually drawing us apart from the relationships in life, leaving us with a lot of food for thought, making it one of the best movies I’ve watched so far in 2010.

That’s the movie trailer of the story of Yaniv Schulman and Angela Pierce who are by profession a photographer and an artist, respectively.

I won’t go deep into the movie and ruin it for you trying to spill the beans about the other aspect it touches since this is a must watch in my opinion.  So grab a Pepsi and some potato chips within reach and start watching this piece of poignant caveat about the nature of mindless drivel swirling around cyberspace.

Will end this post making one solemn promise; you will never regret the watch!


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  1. I saw this the other day and absolutely loved it!!!
    The fact that the whole thing could be fake doesn’t really change the fact that it’s a gripping story with a strong and yet subtle message.
    I really liked it!
    Check out my review on my blog when you have a sec.
    take care

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