Life Could Not Be Better For Us Visakhians!


This is based on an actual incident.

I got a friendship request on Facebook from a particular person couple of days back. All our mutual friends were Visakhians. So I accepted his request without much hesitation.

(Let’s call this person ‘Logo Man’ for the sake of the story. Since his only photo carries one of the famous logos in our country and obviously because I couldn’t come up with anything  better!)

And today while I was going through the Facebook home page I came across this status…

Logo Man: Hi! Friends, I’m Logo Man. 23. Looking for a good girl to make an everlasting relationship, to be my girlfriend, my future wife. If I tell who I am you will definitely think about me. But I want a girl who genuinely loves me, not my position. The one who is willing should have good qualities and be beautiful, pretty, innocent, younger than me and from a decent family and a Visakhian. If you are my dream girl, I love you.

He sounds so damn desperate unless this is some sort of sham and apparently it appears that he has been putting the same status for weeks but no one has bothered to respond!

And over here I’m simply amused at how Facebook has transformed from once-your-social-networking-tool to now-your-match-fixer!

But hey, wait a minute! Am I hallucinating? How could I ever forget this is year 2010 and people of this decade are prone to use Facebook for vivid reasons?

Hmmm… I think that’s more than enough to make his status completely justifiable!

Anyway moving into more pleasant thoughts…

Perhaps somewhere round in 2020…
After dinner…

See! According to my present thoughts that’s the major plus of being a Visakhian! We’ll get to enjoy supreme benefits when it comes to attracting potential future partners solely because we are Visakhians!

Now just think about it! Tell me how fascinating is that!

Oh, we owe big time to the school,  don’t we?

So 3 cheers for our school!



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  1. ha ha…ya totally agree….., the way people respect us when we say we are sure all of us have somewhat similar experiences(might not be proposals though :P)..our school has lifted us a state ahead of what we really are, since the very first day we joined..something no other school can do..its our duty to keep that respect and serenity through out our life..being a visakhian…its simply awesome..:D

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