Strictly For Cheaper PR!


I find it totally inexplicable that the word ‘abbreviation’ itself is a long word consisting of 12 letters, despite the fact it talks of being concise.

And I constantly find myself wondering what thrives people to abbreviate words while engaging in casual conversation, when they are sending text messages or chatting on the internet. If there’s anything which drives me crazy much often, it’s when people try to mess my mind with their short form mind twisters!

Yet I would be a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I was also once a big fan of this squish-the-word-to-save-brevity business. Nevertheless, I made this bitter realization that my endeavours only lead me towards forgetting spellings soon afterward! To be frank with you, there was a time I even stopped writing for a second, struggling to recall if ‘e’ or ‘i’ comes first when we spell ‘their’! Yes, it was that bad! Bad enough to compel me to abandon this business of abbreviating!

Anyway my best friend’s opinion is these short cuts help us to refrain from the formality in friendly conversations. And why pay 33 cents more when you can jolly well chop down some letters and bring an extensive text message to one from two? So may be she has a point. But I still hate perky initials!

The first time someone used ‘MSN’ on me, I thought the person was talking about the email service provider only to find out he was in fact talking of ‘mission’! When we do a little bit of math we could see almost 57.14% of the total letters are omitted! Next, ‘BRB’. It took me two minutes to decode that it stands for ‘be right back’! Again an omission of 76.92%, now including spaces too! And then the toughest of all the ones I have come across so far, ‘TTL’! Can you imagine it stands for ‘talk to you later’, lazily dropping the ‘Y’ and marking a skyrocket omission of 82.35%?

Hmm… Having said all these now let’s check if you are smart enough to translate this!

You couldn’t? Never mind! All I could is also ‘ASAP’!

See… That’s why it sucks big time! And there, I said it!

So the following note is to all my friends who are Zen masters at briefing words.

Dr frnds,

OMG! Y dd u all do ths 2 me? Y dd u all drp ltrs in sch awy? U no, t stupfied me, terfied me, horified me! N no, i’m nt LOL. Nor i’m ROFL or LMAO. I’m nt evn ROFLMAOYSST! I’m dead srios. U hurt me. U md me luk lyk a tube l8. N md me ^set so I almst hd a ❤ attck. I needd ECG! I needd CPR! T z all bcz f UR fault. Bt I no u care tho. U dnt wnt me 2 die lyk dat N liv in fear nt nowin f I wud haunt u, r8? So plz, nxt tym omit ur briefin technqs instd f ltrs cos I sure worth ur tym!

Gldly thankin u n advnc,




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  1. Ha ha…. Did your best friend tell you that? I guess she is the only one who knows what (or who-to be precise!) made you write in full English.. I have had many hard times re-reading your abbreviations in messages! I love this post.. Keep up..

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