I Suck At Photography…


I wanted to have my own camera when I was 11. And got one when I was 12. Nothing fancy. A plain black Kodak camera. And a manual one, of course. But I couldn’t care less because all I wanted is to have a camera and nothing more.

And with it I continued to capture moments made of intricate designs our stories, our lessons and our lives spun up into.

By the time I was 16 two cameras were in my possession. Then the enthusiasm and the passion were lost, just like that, as if it has vanished into the thin air.

Now I’m a little less than 21. To add to that I live in Belihul Oya, an outskirt in Sri Lanka. A place made for and of adventure. And a paradise of GREEN scorpions.


I was not any different either!

I mean, I have seen a scorpion before once in my life inside a drain at Pilimithalawa in 2006 and it was black and looked normal while this one looked so alien with its green coloured skin or whatever and TOTALLY ABNORMAL!

And to make it worse, the moment I saw it, I took it for a spy of a flesh-eating zombie. You know I’m not an organized one. I don’t know Karate or Wushu. I carry no weapons, all which make that I’m certainly the opposite of resourceful, a registered fact. Hence as an individual I’m an easy target, giving me every right to be concerned about  my own protection.

So what could you expect me to do when I see this frightful creature waiting right in front of me on the road except for running?

I ran and ran and ran never even bothering to look back.

And the scorpion never followed me, making it the next major problem as spies are expected to follow their to-be-targets. That’s what they get paid for. So this was absolutely unacceptable behaviour!

Unless of course if it was NOT a spy, in the first place.

Meaning, it could have been just a harmless creature.

So does the gravity of this hit you just as it did to me?

I don’t think anyone has ever seen a green scorpion before. May be that could have been one of the greatest discoveries in the era, an opportunity I simply lost because I didn’t carry my camera with me that time. Had I been able to establish its existence with some form of evidence, may be the interested parties would even have named it after me – Nirmala Scorpion! And that does sound chic, right?

So can I afford or am I going to afford this to happen again and miss, may be like once in a lifetime chance? NOT AT ALL!

That’s why I’m going to take my camera with me here after, where ever I go. That’s why I’m going to polish my knowledge on photography. And that’s why I’m going to take the photos of my pet fish as the first practicing trial of this new digital camera I got.

No, it’s not like this is  the first time they are going to pose for my photos. But back then when I was small I think they were rather excited about it, given the fact that they were also small .

Now they have grown up, just like me.

Also a bit wiser, hopefully.

And seeing this time they didn’t give a damn to what I was up to…

I think now they know,

I suck at photography!


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