Happy One Month Anniversary To Me!


Tomorrow my blog is going to celebrate its one month anniversary. (Hope you got the idea even if the usage is wrong!)

I know it’s nothing much when you really look at it. But I am amazed and stunned by the fact that people actually read my blog and the fact that I am writing like this, looking at how the chronicle of my life has changed and unfolded over the last month.

I know I didn’t share it with most of you because I happen to be not a big whiner, but I posted my first posting on this blog the very next day after my grandfather passed away.

Seeya and me, when I was 3 years old…

And may be that’s what  ignited me to write like this, because this is a good way to drift away and not to dwell. However I’m immensely grateful to the mojo and the spark which never ceased keeping this survived.

Moreover I must tell you that I enjoy my time here. It’s fascinating to see some really OLD friends (old, friendship-wise as well as age!) commenting here making us stay connected further ahead. So far the comments on my ramblings have been nice even though I’m looking forward for some criticism in future to engage in an actual conversation!

For me now blogging has turned out to be a real adventure, just like riding a roller coaster as writing takes me into different directions.

Yet we will just have to see where the future takes me to. My plan is to continue the blog in this same consistent manner. And I hope to focus more on giving you glimpses into my life, when the inspiration strikes me and I feel you’ll find a thriller there! So I would like to invite you all to stay tuned till then!

And finally my warm thanks goes out to all of you who has stopped by. Plus special thanks to my friends who always make time to read whatever  crap I write no matter how ultra boring they are! You are the best! (In a world without me – I mean!)


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