In Accordance With All My Prophecy


I know this blog is going to turn into your inspiration, someday soon! Something you won’t miss at any rate!

That’s why I decided to post today without disheartening you all, despite the fact that I’m running at a tight schedule with exams coming up at the end of this month.

Actually I came up with this fun list, which is made up of things I’m already following and considering of following.

Perhaps you too should take a close look and find out in how many things you would join with me! If you find any of the contents not clear enough or confusing I am willing to clarify things for you. So do not fret to contact me!

Do not cheat by any means! And good luck with the list!

  1. Pick an innocent guy. Hide somewhere. Whistle at him. Make him confused and run away.
  2. Replace putting your tongue out with shaking your booty. 😛 is old fashioned.
  3. Stick to skipping as often as possible, instead of walking. Simply walking is lame for the 21st century.
  4. Post self-addressed letters to yourself every now and then. It helps to preserve self importance.
  5. Ask people for their gender and give them an unconvinced look when they answer.
  6. Meow with cats.
  7. When preparing to do lists, make sure you have already accomplished the tasks. 
  8. Charge the bus conductor for making you sit on the seat for hours at a stretch in long distance journeys.  
  9. Set the  alarm for random times and intentionally leave it in your boarding mate’s room.
  10. Invite everyone you know for a party you are going to host on November 31st.
  11. Scream like Tarzan while crossing the road.
  12. Stare at your enemy through the points of a fork and pretend he/ she is in jail.
  13. When you are leaving the zoo, run to the gate screaming “The lions are out!”.

And the list for today ends here.

Now do a little bit of math and calculate your percentage.

If your overall score:

0% – 60%: I can’t believe that you even bothered to read this!

61% – 75%: Go, get some coolness pumped in for the best.

76% – 90%: Still there’s space for you to improve in your sanity.

91% – 99%: Totally impressive.

100%: How about becoming my second best friend on a trial basis?

Anything more than 100% (+ if you are a guy): Please send me your CV. I think I know where you fit in!


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