Me – 0, These Days – 1 (No Wonder Why It Sucks Big Time)


Let’s face it.

It’s true I’ve pledged to myself to post in a consistent manner and become this super duper awesomely cool blogger. But in reality some days suck in an epic way, leaving me wordless.

And till November 25th ends (that’s the final day of my CIMA exams), I feel all my days are going to be dog days, where I’m expected to live standardized days with less amount of absurdities taking place for obvious reasons!

So, no, sorry. I can’t provide you with any quality material today since I’m dead exhausted.

But let me take the liberty of recommending you few good movies (2010) to watch and make it up for you!

Here we go…

I know this post is not conspicuous at all. But the next best reason I could come up with for this writing is that I’ve got one serious problem of which I’m worried over, apart from oil running out, global warming might fry our planet, and if the world doesn’t come to an end in 2012 like in the movie at least we will kill each other. That is living in a world where comedies  no longer exist and dying from boredom…

And I think that sole reason makes today’s post totally worth it!

Cheers for me!


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