Got To Love ‘E’


This is my answer to the Plinky prompt ‘Write a 100-word story without using the letter “e” in any words’.

“Mom, I want to know that story”

“Darling, it’s almost 12pm now”

“I’m not drowsy…”

“Alright. But stop mom if you know this story, okay?”


“A girl throws up”


“Why, you don’t want to know it?”

“No, I know that story”

“But I couldn’t say four words?”


“I say you don’t know this story”

“I do. It’s about a girl who throws up”

“Tail of this, Sally was gay. Do you still know it?”


“But now I’m drowsy”

“No, you don’t look so”

“Okay, a girl throws up”

“No, no, what I want is Sally’s story”

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  1. lolz.. thit is a good one.. nt a single letter of ‘e’ is being used.. when i first saw the first sentence there gave an attempt in ma mind to build a story without using the letter ‘e’, but it wasn’t a successful attempt.. hehe.. 😉

    • සිංහල බ්ලොග්කරණයේ දැවැන්තයෙක් මෙතනට පැමිණීමත් සතුටක්! In fact I was reading your ‘මහා බෝම්බ රාජයා’ post now! It’s funny to the maximum! 😀

  2. අයියෝ මම මහා ලොක්කෙක් නෙවේ… චූටි මාළු පැටියෙක් තාම. මට තව දැවැන්ත වෙන්න කල් තියෙනවා. බොහොම ස්තූතියි, මාත් එක්ක අර keep in touch කියන එකේ ඉන්නවට.

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