Sweet 20, You Will Be Missed!


Tomorrow I’ll turn 21.

Yeah, I’ll be celebrating that birthday which is considered to be an important milestone in one’s life, where you’ll be privileged to do whatever you wish for, without age being a constraint. In simple words, I’m going to celebrate the independence birthday where you will be presented with a KEY instead of wings to fly away, thus celebrated as the biggest blow out bash ever!

And unlike in past years, I’m kind of looking forward for this one! Well, it’s not because of the obvious natural reasons you must be thinking right now. It’s purely because I want to turn into 24 soon! And being 21 means I’m almost getting there! Ouch! Thrilled, I am indeed, that I feel like jumping up and down over joyed!

Anyway getting back to the disheartening part of this, that’s the death of my 20th year which will be marked in few more hours, I can assure you  my sweet Twenty, that you will be missed as you were a good year to live in with. I made number of accomplishments living in with you apart from the triumphs in academic field, like becoming a devoted Facebooker, who venture into that cyberspace just to worship it on a daily basis! Not to forget, the credit of pointing me out that I could jolly well have an affair with blogging too goes out to you. So you will always have a special place in my heart, my sweet Twenty.

And now, when I’m about to open the bottle of celebratory champagne, I just hope your buddy, Twenty One will also do the same great job and help me with the conquering of worlds yet to be conquered by me!



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  1. this is super cool.. never got the feeling that sweet 20 is going to die soon.. mainly that it will die.. nevertheless yeah for you today you will have to give farewell for 20.. don’t worry im sure 21 will also be there with you helping you to conquer the world and will do better than the 20!

    by the way why do you want to turn into 24 soon?? curious to know..

  2. oh i see.. that means u will be taking Mudhara and me for shopping and buy us dresses and all.. good good.. im eagerly looking forward for that so i wish you may turn into 24 soooooooooooonnnn…….. 🙂

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