A Flooded Desert


This is my answer to the 365 pictures prompts, a flooded desert.

“I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself” – Frank Maier

With my eyes set at this creative ally, I feel like a child abandoned inside a maze, trying to fathom why the Okavango River in Africa is an exception. Why it empties into the Kalahari Desert whilst all other major rivers in the world empty into the deep blue ocean. But when I see similarities in this phenomenon with life, I slow down.  My anxieties fade away like dew drops in a patch of sunlight and get replaced by curiosity and calm, instead.

Have not all of us experienced moments we could say which transformed from the ordinary into the extra ordinary, from the impossible into the possible?

When I turn back, my memories run to the year 2006 and stop. That’s the year I captained our under 18 Chess team at Visakha Vidyalaya and we played the All Island Inter School Chess Championship with no coach. Despite the fact we could practice only for 2 good solid days, we still became the champions with a formidable gap playing according to the board order our former coach, Mr. Dinesh De Silva prepared for us. When I try to answer the question what made our team deserve that championship, I could answer  with three words – our team spirit. It’s an open secret that each one  in our team wanted to clinch the championship for the rest of the team more than for themselves, mostly because the warmth in those butterfly soft friendships is a magic we embraced with open arms and something which is not lost to date.

Looking back to that past, I think now I know why they say there is always revelation. And why such revelation is often deemed to be way more fun than booze and confetti.

I mean, at least that’s how I see it.


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