A Small Man Operates The Control System Of My Brain?


Oh, holy crap!

Remember how a couple of weeks back Plinky prompt wanted me to write about what I’ll do in my final pre-meteor hours? (The ones who missed it can read it here) Today is not different. Well, technically it is, considering the fact that I’m using Writer’s Digest prompts instead of Plinky. Nonetheless, today my task is to pretend that there is a small man/woman operating the control system of my brain and write about my day from his/her perspective.

Before proceeding further ahead I think I’m obliged to inform you that I dismissed typing down the natural response which would spring out from one’s mouth for this type of ‘dumb’ question, “How the hell am I to know?”, after giving it much thought, just to save the fun in this and obviously because I don’t have anything worthwhile to put my head into! Okay, okay, you sweet little prompts, no need to sob and sniff! I was only mocking you calling you ‘dumb’! In fact I find this imaginary power quite impressive for an artificial intelligence like you and hell NO, there’s no chance for you to loose your mind, panic, get livid, then undergo explosions and palpitations inside you causing severe destruction in your work flow, further more making you incompatible in this environment, violating the service contract we entered into for you to serve my blog as its temporary Oxygen Tank till my own imagination wakes up from its 4359656106 years of sleep and finally strike me! Phew! I know! That was long! My stars are showing the signs that I’m not far from going to the Guinness Book of World Records for writing the longest sentence in the world!

Anyway getting back to the point, I think I must also make it clear that this ‘pretending’ is one of my favourite past times, since engaging in intelligence conversations once in a while is a deemed to be a primary need for every human being, but unfortunately something which I lack in real life given the wealth of knowledge my peers inherit, even when taken as a bunch does not exceed the  size of a peanut!

And I know that I’m bound to choose a gender for that small thing which operates my daadi daadi daa, where I think I’m better off with a man, again, proving why the fact opposites attract is pretty much self-explanatory! Perhaps with that I shall let the small man do the talking and shut myself for good!

Oh my god! Thank you! Did you see that? For a second I thought she’ll continue like forever! May be she wanted to give a long introduction as a bonus in this festive season! But hello, I really don’t know why it never occurred to her we are having a space crisis here! I mean, I have to sum up her all day’s work AND evaluate it, where ‘impossible’ is already out of the equation!

Anyway heading myself into the strenuous job…

Hooray! Hooray! She read 49 pages of “To Kill a Mockingbird” book today! (And that kind of rhymes! A bit!) I thought she would have finished it by now, the way she bought 4 books, stocked them inside her cupboard nicely wrapped in cloths and sighed every night before going to bed looking at them cos she had made this solemn promise to self that she won’t put her hands on them till she is done with exams. Now that she has finished her exam, I don’t know what’s wrong with her, grinning with the 3 books inside without reading them! See… She shows clear indications of turning herself into a lazy bum!

And surprise, she has turned into the biggest fan of the American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. After completing watching 3 seasons within 3 days, now she dreams of Sheldon even in broad day light!

At the mean time, good for you all, she is weighing the pros and cons of initiating another blog, dedicated to travel, named “Fasten Your Seat Belts, Get Ready For a Bumpy Ride” where she is planning to publish her discoveries in the already discovered land, Malaysia, if she gets lucky enough to fly over there to play (or rather pretend to play!) an Inter University Chess Tournament (more than that, if the Malaysians get lucky enough to have her slender touch there) on the coming weeks. So keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for her! (I mean, mostly for the Malaysians whose world is yet to be rocked with her presence!)

With that I think I’ll have to wrap around for today cos those are the spicy juicy happening of her day! It’s a bliss to write to you all for the first time! Hope another prompt where I have to play a major part will come on her way soon! Till then, toodles!


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