I’m Taurus But I’m Not A Bull


I spent good 21 years of my life thinking I’m destined to live with ‘C’. Seriously. My surname is Chandrasiri. I play Chess. I study Computing and Information Systems. I follow CIMA degree. So it is basically like living in ‘Cee-laa-land’.

Good for me, all the while I’ve been in this emotional affair with ‘A’ too! I like Art. I aspired to be an Architect. Now I want to become an Archer. And the list goes on.

But you know what becomes of you, when you practice adultery, right? At one point you get damned confused, like I’m now, not knowing your true love is C or A! That is when you feel like running to Artemis, the greek goddess, make her consult the oracle and pick one mistress for you! Depending on your luck, that is when it  hits you “Oh! Alas! The oracle is no more” and sadly but quickly, gets followed by a BANG! If you survive from that big bang (provided you are smart enough!) it strikes you, “Aah! Isn’t it what Google is used for?” and trust me, if that happens all you could feel next is your fingers swiftly punching ‘Astrology Careers’ on Google search!

So now you know how I ended up reading ‘Taurus Career Aptitudes’, of which the likelihood of occurring I’m going to analyze below. And mind you, it’s not because I believe in horoscopes. But solely due to a kick I got, which I now blame on weather!

  • Art dealer – It’s in favour of my mistress A! And yes, it has something to do with art. But unlikely. I like to design things myself and not to sell what others have designed.
  • Banker – Likely! As long as I feel it’s going to give me enough money to buy books and space to read them!
  • Businessperson in an established field – Like a prominent business tycoon or a business angel? Hell, yeah!
  • Construction worker – It didn’t consider my gender, I assume.
  • Doctor (general practitioner rather than surgeon) – NO WAY! I suffer from hemophobia!
  • Financial planner – Now that sounds more like me! I’m the one when it comes to savings! (And every cent of those ‘savings’ being spent on books is altogether a different question I think!)
  • Florist – Hmm. Life amidst flowers smells good. Yet not enough to attract me.
  • Gardener – I call gardening ‘drudgery’!
  • Jewelry maker or dealer – I rather opt to be a jewelry designer.
  • Teacher (nursery, kindergarten, and early grades) – As long as I don’t have to scream at the top of my lungs, consider me your girl!
  • Landscaper – This is the best one, so far! Like it! And may be even love it!
  • Model – Not in this life!
  • Musician – Pianist? Violinist? Guitarist? Perhaps something to scrutinize later in life.
  • Plant nursery worker – It is the cub of drudgery, I suppose!
  • Pottery maker – Let me think a bit… No.
  • Sculptor – You can reside next to Landscaper.
  • Singer (most Tauruses have good voices) – (Blushed by within-the-brackets-comment and with memories run to good old school days!) I guess no!
  • Wrestler – Hahahaaaaaa! Good joke at the end! Should see my size!

Hmm… With it I see no luck, just as I thought!

So the way things unfold, only wish I won’t become a housewife by default!


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  1. This is wrong sis… 🙂 I’m taurus but my potential career is not listed.. 😦 unless something really weird happens I’ll be a teacher (not kindergarten with a PhD) or a researcher .. if these predictions are true I’m really screwed … 😉

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