Happy New Year!


It’s New Year’s Eve now. Thus, it’s time people focus on replenishment, make resolutions and vow to make positive changes in their lives. So here I am, not being second to anyone else out there and declaring my set of resolutions for the entire world to see, in the order of least likely to be resolved.

01. Gain weight. 10 more kilo grams would make me ‘visible’.

02. Learn to swim in Piranha-less and Shark-less water.

03. Go, discover a new country. For that make sure ammi sees this list.

04. Read less humor columns. That will buy me more time before I finally declare that I’ve completely gone bonkers.

05. Watch one hour of TV. I sense I’m loosing my general knowledge!

06. Find a new shop to buy butterfly sticker tattoos. They no longer sell them at Liberty Plaza.

07. Before purchasing butterfly tattoos hold a poll among friends and see if they think I would look scary if I wear scorpion tattoos instead. If they say yes, then go for that!







08. Start searching for real estate. Building a tree house is the ultimate #01 fantasy.

09. Try to complete the weekend work load soon. Need to have the weekends free to attend for archery practices.

10. Do not forget to replace the belt of denims with a rope or a chain whenever I can’t find it.

11. Get addicted further into the internet for a crystal clear future!

12. Grow a mustache.

13. Associate with thugs. Who knows, such acquaintances might come handy in future.

14. Add more books to the library. No one will dare to question my intelligence when I’m surrounded by heaps of books.

15. —–

Ugh! I’m having second thoughts now, why tamper 2011 with perfection? Instead I’ll wish you all the best of times.

And hope you remember me tomorrow!


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  1. LoL!

    Do you weigh 100 pounds? ‘Cuz, that’s how much I weigh. I’ll have to find that out in kilos. So, I am going to eat more, too.

    I vote for the scorpion!

    Have a wildly successfully perfect 2011! 🙂

  2. A veeerry happy new year to u…..!!! 🙂 and ur into butterfly tattoos!! me too….!!! always wanted a real one, but since that might never happen being a wanna-be instead…. 😛
    check this pewrson out.. http://theaterwise.wordpress.com/ not your type of crazy but check it out anyway….
    hope you have an awesome year… and dont get weight!! thin people rule (vs fat ppl) any day!!! 🙂

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