And The Winners Are…


Okay, I admit it! I’m the Queen of Vagueness!

But now, in order to mitigate the effect, let me enlighten you of what this is all going to be about!


One day when I grow up, and finally (plus hopefully!) start making MY OWN money!

Because the visited country map I see now is more of a plain one! With so many countries to visit!

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

See what I mean? I’ve only visited 3 countries so far! (Only now it hit me! Singapore is a tiny country! So tiny that it couldn’t be marked in a world map! Yet ‘Wheeeee’! Cos Sri Lanka is ‘mark-able’ in that context!) Anyway 3 countries mean just 1% of the world!

So 99% of the world is (Or is it ‘are’? Fudge my grammar!) still awaiting my visit! (Falling down fainted!)

[Seriously? You thought I fainted? Jeez! I’m the Mighty King! I don’t faint!]

Mmmm… Now… (Hypnotized!) Where was I? Aah! I was working on the opening lines to present you with my winners!

So here you go…

(Drum roll please!)

Second Runner Up – Egypt

Camels – Future Pets I’m Going to Adopt

Pyramids I Built in My Previous Soul

(And YES, You Most Definitely Can HAIL ME!)

Yahooooo! Mummies!

First Runner Up – Italy

Robert Langdon! Angels and Demons! Here I Come to Vatican!

POSH! Boats Instead of Submarines!

Leaning Tower – Work of My Enemy in a Previous Soul!

I Just Want to See it Before Crashes! (Evil Laugh!)

Winner out of Winners – France


Because there are…


Lovers AND


Okay! I’m just kidding!

The real reasons are…

I Want to Check the Tree House in Paris Disneyland

Paris at Night – Who Could Resist? Who Simply Could?

And Finally, Tra-La-Laa!

Because This is How I Want to Die!



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  1. Italy and Egypt definitely sound like great places to visit! I’ve been wanting to go to Africa (anywhere in Africa, really, not just Egypt…maybe Kenya…) for some time, and Italy sounds just incredible. I’ve been lucky enough to get to France, it’s beautiful! The food in Paris is TO DIE FOR.


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