In The Spotlight Today, Rasangi Weerasekera


“I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman!” – Rasangi Weerasekera, In an email she sent to me!

So here I am – the Superman coming to rescue this girl who is a perfect example of doing it all! 😉


After writers, musicians are the kind who get welcomed to my life, with a fanfare of trumpets and rose petals, because they are the legion of people who help us to figure how to claw ourselves out after we are sucked into the depths of boredom, and in essence remind us our tune and keep us sane when life is racing by at a frightening pace.  So it is sufficed to say I was indeed one of those lucky ones to receive an up and coming musician in the same package of a senior Chess team captain while schooling, back in year 2005.

Call it kismet, luck, fate. Rasangi Weerasekera is a blessed pianist who filled our ears with the magic of a fusion of C Sharps and A Flats, using the insights she gleaned in the realm of music, through out her school life. And she is one inspiring friend who has a talent for multitasking, who excelled in the fields of studies, music and Chess while schooling, and one who still clings herself to music somehow, navigating time with her busy schedules in University life.

So without dragging this further ahead, let me present you with her debut on YouTube.

Is it possible for you not to enjoy it?

As far as providing pure entertainment, I can say she can’t be easily beaten. And the way she fascinates me makes me eagerly await  to attend the public concert where I am sure she’ll debut the myriad of talents she possesses.

So I’ll end today’s post wishing her success in the music field.



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  1. lv her talent as a pianist…she z simply awsm!! gud luck proud to hv a frnd like u..a frnd in need!

  2. Woahhhh Superman, I’m speechless!!! (This ain’t good news for a future Speech-Therapist-to-be) 😛 I gotta say, I’m really touched by your thoughts & YOUR unique way of writing in style. 😀 These thoughts are truly inspiring kiddo. Many thanks & cheers all the way!!! :)))

    Thanks for the wishes Maheeka. 🙂 U gals Rock! \m/

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