I Feel A Little Ostracized


Some people fear blood. Some people fear heights. Some even fear the world coming to an end in 2012! Surrounded by all these ‘normal’ people with normal phobias, I find myself rather odd, because my fear is myself!

I’m an overzealous fan of Google. So whenever I’m super bored, I Google myself with the pure intention of finding how I must be appearing to cyber stalkers! (Hello! They say ‘First impression is important!’) But I got to say, the result doesn’t leave me with full of the joys of spring!

I know, now you must be in all at sixes and sevens, wondering what could be SO wrong. Well, let me tell you, all the first few search entry results Google gives me of me are related to a serious game! A game which picks the smart-ass out of two brains! A game which serious minds only play! Thus, a game I no longer want to play!

Specifying a bit further, I have come to the realization that teens were my saint like years. The ones I spend now, the twenties are my adventurous crappy years! So now, as a one who thinks the place for a perfect wedding is Las Vegas, Google search entry results are not the way I clearly want to sell myself! And the mere thought that people might buy the words in those top search entry resluts in Google blows my mind, making me pee a lot until I’ve got nothing inside of me!

That’s why I’m writing this, wearing a diaper and shivering under my blankets, nevertheless trying to fight back and sell myself smartly, just like a Wall Street trader would do!

“I’m going to engage in Archery and what Google tells you is not right”

Luckily for most of you, I’ve postponed my arrow related activities to next month, so I could spare you from details of my-most-likely-to-occur-misadventures which you might find tedious. But if you are also in the small fringe community of hobbyists who sit in the same boat with me, I could promise you that my aim is to be the next Robin Hood.

In the mean time, others, keep in your mind, even your lovey dovey Cupid is an archer! AND ARCHERS ROCK AND ROLL YOUR WORLD!

P. S.: You are entitled to a bonus because you just finished reading my 25th blog post! So have fun checking out these sites, Cake Wrecks, Awkward Family Photos, and my personal favourite This Is Why You Are Fat. Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks!


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I did run a Google search and it made me wonder. According to it, a 17 year old with your name became the first world champion from Sri Lanka. The news was from 2006 and seeing that your age displayed I find a few numbers matching up.
    once is accident, twice is coincidence but thrice is conspiracy.

    Name: Check
    Age : Check
    Country: Check


  2. So that was the reference to arrows and cupids. 🙂

    You should do what you want to do. I never played much chess, couldn’t find anyone to play with when I was younger, but that is a game that I enjoyed. Unless you can’t enjoy what you do, there isn’t much use doing it.

    Right now I have a Remote Control Plane waiting to be flown, a dream I had since a very young age. Hopefully this weekend. 🙂

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