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I decided to take a break from all the studying for CIMA and procrastinating. In fact, I lost my train of thought somewhere down the line. But I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to end with “I’m blogging!” So, here I am…

Hmmm… Did I tell you the week just ended was so not good for me? Well, I got my CIMA strategic level exam results and I failed all 3 subjects! The good thing is my parents didn’t decide to bury me alive and dance on my grave! Anyway, it was a HUGE wake up call. And I hope to do better next time! So keep your fingers crossed to hear me venting around May!

Honestly, much to my own dismay, even though I started to write this, today I have nothing much to blog about! Life is uneventful right now and I know, ‘Shame on me’! So I’ll just share some photos with you, of the five kinds of English books I have at home. (Apart from my most cherished books!)

#01 – My father’s books. Almost all of them are second-hand!

#02 – Books my mother bought for me when I was small, which I never read, because I used to hate English back then! (For me, Elocution classes meant torture! So I merrily doodled around till I turned 11! That year my father started to read a Secret Seven book for me but never completed it, compelling me to learn English to know how the story ends. Before that I could swear to god, I don’t think I knew the alphabet even!)

#03 – Books I bought by myself, but never bothered to read because I bought them only to show-off!

#04 – Books I abandoned reading half way through.

And finally,

(Drum roll please!)

#05 – Books I’ve hidden on the side of my wardrobe to be read when I run out-of-pocket money to buy books! (I know, I’m still cool! Just like a squirrel who stores food for Winter!)

Does anyone out there also have the 5th kind of books or am I the only crazy person who needs to completely shut down and pull back into my ninja turtle shell?

Let me know, please!

Cos if you are also my kind, I want to get back to you and say,


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  1. Hey Nirmala,
    Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in the 5th category. I’ve got a stash of books just like yours. Only difference is, I’ve read them all! I can’t seem to keep my hands off a book if I have it with me, so I guess when a rainy day comes I can share some of your stash? I’ve already got my eye on some of them, he he 🙂
    Btw, bummer about your CIMA results 😦
    Hope you pass next time!

  2. What about type number 6? Books you’ve read? Or have you not read any!

    I store a lot of books, I’ve got way more than I need. I don’t store them in my wardrobe though…

  3. Don’t run down my books, young lady! Unlike you I bought all of them after I started working and mind you, my monthly salary then was less than what you get as pocket money now on most days! My father was not as indulgent as I am or was it -not foolish as I am! And if you care to read them you will find that though those books are second-hand, the contents inside are first rate.

  4. Yayyy for uncle!!! 😀
    aww…hug for your CIMA results 😦
    btw, U really should read the Time Traveler’s wife…it’s awesome

  5. Looking at the beautiful arrangement of the books, it looks more like a well organized library to me!! 😛
    If I were there, I would select atleast 5 notable books!! 😀 I have my 4 eyes on them buddy!! 😛
    I also agree with the fact of the books during hibernation!! 😉

    I am waiting to get the dragon tatoo book!! 😀 😀
    Good post!! 😀 I like you!! 😀

  6. Wow… So many books. But I have to tell you, I have more than you. My father used to collect books ever since I was a kid and I loved to read them. Shortly after that, my uncle died and he left all of his books to me (I have around 200-300 books without those of my father).

    Sadly enough, I don’t have that much time to read and I miss that…

    And there is the 6th kind of books – the ones that are rare or expensive so you have to copy them. 🙂

  7. Nice post for someone who had nothing post about! Funny I have loads of books I read half way but more that I never read at all. I look at them every day and wonder when I’ll get round to them. And for me, there’s the 7th kind (leading on from the previous comment): those that you must read….because you know they’ll change your life.

    ps very nice to meet you :).


  8. Sorry to hear about your results – can you re-take? Glad to hear your parents were ‘ok’ about it. I have loads of books too and believe it or not was about to take some pics and post about them heheheh!

    From, your new blog buddy!

  9. Your English is very good for someone who didn’t like English in their childhood. HEhehhehe

    It’s amusing you have a pile of books you called stocks. Hahahhahha

    Yeah, we don’t really want to be ran out of books for sure.

  10. That’s a lot of books! I should say I’m kind of inspired 🙂 I’ve only read the Twilight books and ‘The host’. I liked it. But usually I don’t have the patience to read the whole book.. I couldn’t even complete the Harry Potter books!

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