I Write Like…


Today I tried this online analyzer “I write like”, twice. I don’t know how it works, but I got this weird match-up.

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

To tell you the truth, I had no idea who Cory Doctorow is before.

Nevertheless it sparked my curiosity, hence now I know he is a Canadian science fiction author whose books have got 4 stars in Amazon.

So I guess I’m supposed to call it a quadruple shock and a delight to my system!

But in fact I don’t and won’t!

To me this judgment seems wrong and unjustifiable, because the style of each and every one of us is different from one and other.

Last week I was a bit of a spoiled brat and used a handful of ‘assholes’ throughout the post because I thought it would give a triggering effect to it! But now I know not everyone agrees with me!

And sometime back one of my best friends pointed  out to me that I should try to make my posts simpler. At that point I argued otherwise with her, but yet again it reminded me that William Faulkner once referred to Ernest Hemingway – one of the brilliant writers ever, as a  “Writer who has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.”

All of us must be bold and man or I think I should say woman enough to make declarations and assertions of our own.

Likewise if someone finds Doctorow’s writing to be poignant and fantastic and mine self-indulgent and underwhelming, that’s perfectly natural and that’s how it should be.

So I won’t use this analyzer as an evaluator because I can say with affirmation, I write like no other!

But I’d rather use it as a gift that has bestowed upon me to explore the territory of a previously undiscovered author, because after all I’m student of the writing realm.


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  1. I read a Cory Doctorow book recently (Little Brother?) and I didn’t think much of his writing style because his writing is far too simple and really, there is very little style to it.

    He doesn’t really have a unique “voice.” Hemingway on the other hand does have a very unique writing style. I think this is what sorts the wheat from the chafe. If you truly do have a unique writing style, different from a lot of other writers, then you’ll be taken more seriously.

    I don’t agree that everybody has their own way of writing. I think most people write in the exact same way. It’s not until you truly understand writing and language that you can have a style, and not many people have that skill.

  2. I analyzed my writing last year and was told I wrote like Chuck Palahniuk whom I had to look up, as well. He wrote the book Choke and Fight Club. Both which became movies. I saw both. I really liked Fight Club. Choke I didn’t particularly care for.

    As far as my writing being compared to Chuck Palahniuk. I think at first I was flattered. Then I remembered that these things are rigged. Don’t ask me how they are rigged, because I couldn’t begin to tell you in a sane manner. So, I rarely do them anymore.

    Yes, you write like no other which is the joy of reading so many different interpretations of lives within this big blue and green world of ours.

  3. Hmm, you’ve got me thinking about analysing my own writing…I’m too frigthened that the results will be Russell Brand or Katie Price. If I get anything like a Cory Doctorow, I’ll be over the moon. Anyway, I am relieved that (as you point out), I probably write like me :). Nice post! K

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