WOW! The Things We Can Do With Books Besides Reading Them!


I’m a big fan of abstract art and nail art!

Forest Preservation – Art by me!

This is not by me! But I’m planning to get something similar done!

Somewhere around in 2010 I accidentally stumbled upon BOOK ART!

As a book lover there’s nothing which could make me happy as much as the fetish patterns and textures, vibrant as well as mellow that book art creates! (Okay! Now that’s just ‘figure of speech’!)

Anyway, that is why I want to introduce you all to this porn-site which I’ve been rigorously following for a while!

Hahaaaa! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! It’s just a Bookshelf Porn site!

Taking ideas from it when I build my own house one day, I’m hopefully going to have…

a reading room

a living room

wall art

and bookshelves

… like these!

As site description suggests, Bookshelf Porn is

Porn for book lovers. A photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves.

So there is no doubt having a glance at this best porn-site ever is worthy of your time!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and study to be rich enough to own all these!

Till I upload photos of my own, you can enjoy this!


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  1. Thanks for sharing this site. As I packed my 10th book box (with several more to go) I had a fleeting image of how simple it would have been if I had an ereader. But every time I even think of getting one, I look at my books and how much I love them and realize I couldn’t do it.
    My cousin-in-law tried to ‘borrow’ a few of them last evening, I nearly bit bit head off. NO, you can’t take those, I screamed. I don’t lend because I’m not prepared to lose. At that moment, it occurred to me that I’m not the same about money.
    It’s pleasing to see what others do with their books. I’ll be thinking of that when I unpack in the new place.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Wow, I always wanted a Reading Room like that, but now that I’ve seen the Living Room, I want the Living Room. That is so cool and contemporary! I would have fun filling that bookshelf up.

  3. I am also a book worm. All walls of my house are lined with covered shelves and of course filled with very little else than books, on every concievable subject on earth and some on well, heaven and it’s alter ego.

  4. thank you gal…i never thought of this…to tell you the fact, my roommates were starting to get pissed with my books all over the place…v couldn’t have a classic reading space/library because of space constrains…..
    but this is perfect…now i am hoping to get a book shelf for the living room wall just in the form of an alphabet…this would solve my problem,and would also go with the hole look of our place…:)thank you thank you thank you…
    a very useful post indeed..:)

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