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I’m Back! (And NOT Empty Handed!)


Have you ever observed when invigilators start distributing papers they move like a herd of Velociraptors ready to hunt? In case you haven’t, I did it for you all! And that’s not the only thing I did at my CIMA exam! I answered an imaginary question also!

Anyway, rather than sitting on this post venting for a long time, let me get straight to the real purpose of this post, that is to spread some love, and get started with it!

In past I’ve been gratified with 3 blog awards by 3 super cool bloggers. Kemi aka. the Task Mistress; my future possible probable business mentor presented me with the Valentine’s Blog Award, while Indu from India who is an aspiring movie director and Mia from Indonesia who loves reading and also a big fan of Shane the sheep presented me with the Versatile Blog Award. I think there’s more to these wonderful gestures than mere awards, because according the obligations that come with the award you must reveal more about yourself and introduce other bloggers to your readers/ fellow bloggers to obsess over!

So fulfilling the first part of the obligation, let me compile a list of things you may not know about me.

01. As at today I’m 21 years, 6 months and 12 days old, but I have no idea what I want to be/ do when I’m finally done with my studies! If you ask me today, I’ll tell you I want to study further (or should I say from the scratch?) on Cinematography and do something related to that field. Yet, if I know me right, this is bound to change! So do I need to tell you that I too am excited to see how life will unfold for me?

02. I always wanted to own a tree house, and I still do. And now I want to own a house on the top of a hill with a sliding roof too, so that I can look at the stars at night! Good luck to my two friends who study architecture! Just know that I won’t leave you alone till you deliver what I want!

03. I have a fantasy to wear a white stud on my nose and red, pink, purple studs on my left ear and yellow, green, blue studs on my right. One of my friends warned me she’ll never allow any of her kids (who won’t pop up to the world at least for another five years!)  anywhere near me if I turn my fantasy into a reality! But as you can see, I’m still hopeful!

04. I have my very own trends and patterns when it comes to consumption! They are more like seasons! If the queen of my season is slippers, then you’d find me frantically buying slippers almost every where I go! And with time when I have a slipper set closer to a mountain, I’d get past it and switch to buy something else, hardly ever looking at/ using my slipper collection again! In past I’ve had anklet, slipper, friendship band, nail polish, first day cover (stamp) seasons like that. And these days my eyes are all over on sleeveless tops!

05. As some of you may know I have a wardrobe book collection! Why have I included it here? Lets just say it’s because I want  to let you all know that I included 10 more books as my latest addition!

Now as the second part of the obligation, let me do the honour of bestowing the Versatile Blog award to the most amazing bloggers out there!

(Not in a particular order!)

PSYCHODOODLE – An awesomely witty dog lover and a pure bred Sri Lankan. Man hunter/ man slaughter! (Kidding!) But guys, you should stalk her starting from Mission Impossible 6!

FLOW… – Georgina is from London. And she is always ready to hit the road! Read her blog to find out more about her escapades!

You give me idea, I give you a story – Mawajowe is an enthusiastic music lover. But her blog posts are not only regarding music!

Whatever I Have Said Or Sung – Antara is an upcoming poetess who has an eye for the nature. She is into photography, as well as sketching!

REFLECTIONS – Just as the name suggests this blog is mostly about Trishdar’s reflections on life!

Versakay’s Blog – Versakay is undoubtedly the mystery in the cyber space! He is an Indian who opts to reveal himself little by little as he writes the blog! So read his blog if you are interested in solving this mystery!

webunrapped.com – Sauravluk9’s blog is like an Encyclopedia for women! I simply love to read what she writes about tattoos, books and movies!

FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT – No one can be more serious about this blog title! Kim absolutely delivers you what she promises! I don’t know from where she finds these ways to amuse us! But I’m glad she does!

Flickr Comments – Frizztext is a photographer more than a writer who captures life through his lenses!

ගෝල්ඩ් fishගේ blog ටැංකිය – This Gold Fish is one cool blogger out there! And he never runs out of anecdotes! If you know Sinhala language (which is only used in Sri Lanka by the way!), you should definitely check this blog!

Till I write again, stay tuned and enjoy these blogs!


Dedicated To My Feet!


I know, I know! I have been a bad girl and neglected my blog for a while! Its not because I had nothing to write, but simply because I didn’t have the words to express how sad I feel and  what I’ve been thinking about the death of  a  student by electrocution  at our university hostels solely due to negligence of authorities. The outrage I feel is such  that if  I start venting my anger, you will surely know how malicious I can be if I choose to be so. So in the end it seems prudent for me to say nothing, for no matter what I say or do now, he is not going to come back.

Now that you know how my life has been during the days I went missing, lets move from being serious to chasing butterflies, shall we?

The above is a picture of our university, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (SUSL), renown to be second only to the University of Peradeniya for its beauty and size (note by acres and not by number of students!). And if you have been to our university you would know most of the times your life savior, your only transportation mode is your feet!

In simpler terms at SUSL its all about walking the walk using your feet!

And that’s how we rock, overrating our walk, you see!

In case you’ve not still got it, lets come clean.

I’m not the biggest fan of morning strolls mission! I mean, come on, at SUSL the mornings are misty! So rather than getting up and traveling from our boarding place to the university, I’d rather crawl in and sleep! I wish one of these days I would write some Java programme to make myself sleepwalk! But since I know that’s not going to happen I’m gleefully waiting for someone to invent a car chair like in Wall E!

Remember back in school they taught us walking is exercise cos it burns calories? For chubby people, yes! But if you are skinny like me, how on earth walking is going to help? Enlighten me, please!

But in any case walking is way better than jogging. They say jogging increases your life time. Well, who can argue with that? Cos each time I jog I feel 10 years older, with my legs turned sore and lethargic!

Like there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, there is one good advice they give about walking; before criticizing someone walk a mile in his/ her shoes. When you think about it, its a pretty good idea! Cos when it comes to the time you mock the other, you’d be mile away with their shoes on your feet!

Hurricane Names; They Crack Me Up!


There are way too many problems in our world. We have got poverty, homelessness, fuel shortages, economic downturns, and even the Sri Lankan university system to add to that!

To make things worse, now even the nature is hitting at us!

Well, it’s not that I’m saying the natural disasters were not here before. They were sure out there. But now the numbers have increased, IMMENSELY, sucking the life out of too many people!

May be it’s because the Mayans are right about the world coming to an end in 2012.

Or may be it’s not.

But whatever the reason, it makes a perfect sense for all of us to keep our eyes wide open and know-it-all about all sorts of possible disasters in these destructive times.

In Sri Lanka, after I was born, there has been nothing more than hurricanes, floods, mountain slides, and the tsunami which struck us in 2004. And given our geographical location, the possibility of us getting hit by any other kind of disaster is minimal.

Anyway, from the havocs we have had so far, which baffles me the most are hurricanes.

I simply don’t understand why hurricanes have names!

I can understand people’s need to name pets, planets and may be even household equipments. But why hurricanes and only hurricanes for that matter? It’s as if they are trying to come up with a whole family tree of hurricanes!

They have not put the current lineup for Indian Ocean hurricanes in the internet, yet. But the 2011 Atlantic storm list is as follows: Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince, and Whitney.

Do I need to say that I’m confused? Who is going to take a warning about Hurricane Sean seriously? Cos all it reminds me is Jay Sean! Same goes for Hurricane Lee. I had a classmate with that name, whom it’s difficult for me to picture destroying half the world. Perhaps I should give him a buzz and ask if he finds this association flattering!

Sure, this list is a fair play because it has got both male and female names in it. And much better than the 2009 list, which had both Rose and Grace in it, where I can’t even think of any reason why anyone would want to name a hurricane after Rose! Most probably it must have been some angry guy who got rejected by a lover named Rose or who got thrashed by the very bunch of Roses he had offered! And then Grace! How could anything as catastrophic as a hurricane have any grace in it? In this way they might as well name a hurricane – Fluffy Kitten!

So frankly this is why they should name these whirlwinds of doom after something scary, if they really want to warn people about an in-coming hurricane. (Well, my friends would surely know what is in store for them if a hurricane is named ‘Nir’!)

Or at least use names that  demonstrate their calamitous nature.

Cos I’m sure even “Hurricane Enron struck us hard” or “Hurricane WorldCom is gone for good”, would do the job better!

I Write Like…


Today I tried this online analyzer “I write like”, twice. I don’t know how it works, but I got this weird match-up.

I write like
Cory Doctorow

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

To tell you the truth, I had no idea who Cory Doctorow is before.

Nevertheless it sparked my curiosity, hence now I know he is a Canadian science fiction author whose books have got 4 stars in Amazon.

So I guess I’m supposed to call it a quadruple shock and a delight to my system!

But in fact I don’t and won’t!

To me this judgment seems wrong and unjustifiable, because the style of each and every one of us is different from one and other.

Last week I was a bit of a spoiled brat and used a handful of ‘assholes’ throughout the post because I thought it would give a triggering effect to it! But now I know not everyone agrees with me!

And sometime back one of my best friends pointed  out to me that I should try to make my posts simpler. At that point I argued otherwise with her, but yet again it reminded me that William Faulkner once referred to Ernest Hemingway – one of the brilliant writers ever, as a  “Writer who has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.”

All of us must be bold and man or I think I should say woman enough to make declarations and assertions of our own.

Likewise if someone finds Doctorow’s writing to be poignant and fantastic and mine self-indulgent and underwhelming, that’s perfectly natural and that’s how it should be.

So I won’t use this analyzer as an evaluator because I can say with affirmation, I write like no other!

But I’d rather use it as a gift that has bestowed upon me to explore the territory of a previously undiscovered author, because after all I’m student of the writing realm.

And The Winners Are…


Okay, I admit it! I’m the Queen of Vagueness!

But now, in order to mitigate the effect, let me enlighten you of what this is all going to be about!


One day when I grow up, and finally (plus hopefully!) start making MY OWN money!

Because the visited country map I see now is more of a plain one! With so many countries to visit!

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

See what I mean? I’ve only visited 3 countries so far! (Only now it hit me! Singapore is a tiny country! So tiny that it couldn’t be marked in a world map! Yet ‘Wheeeee’! Cos Sri Lanka is ‘mark-able’ in that context!) Anyway 3 countries mean just 1% of the world!

So 99% of the world is (Or is it ‘are’? Fudge my grammar!) still awaiting my visit! (Falling down fainted!)

[Seriously? You thought I fainted? Jeez! I’m the Mighty King! I don’t faint!]

Mmmm… Now… (Hypnotized!) Where was I? Aah! I was working on the opening lines to present you with my winners!

So here you go…

(Drum roll please!)

Second Runner Up – Egypt

Camels – Future Pets I’m Going to Adopt

Pyramids I Built in My Previous Soul

(And YES, You Most Definitely Can HAIL ME!)

Yahooooo! Mummies!

First Runner Up – Italy

Robert Langdon! Angels and Demons! Here I Come to Vatican!

POSH! Boats Instead of Submarines!

Leaning Tower – Work of My Enemy in a Previous Soul!

I Just Want to See it Before Crashes! (Evil Laugh!)

Winner out of Winners – France


Because there are…


Lovers AND


Okay! I’m just kidding!

The real reasons are…

I Want to Check the Tree House in Paris Disneyland

Paris at Night – Who Could Resist? Who Simply Could?

And Finally, Tra-La-Laa!

Because This is How I Want to Die!