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Got To Love ‘E’


This is my answer to the Plinky prompt ‘Write a 100-word story without using the letter “e” in any words’.

“Mom, I want to know that story”

“Darling, it’s almost 12pm now”

“I’m not drowsy…”

“Alright. But stop mom if you know this story, okay?”


“A girl throws up”


“Why, you don’t want to know it?”

“No, I know that story”

“But I couldn’t say four words?”


“I say you don’t know this story”

“I do. It’s about a girl who throws up”

“Tail of this, Sally was gay. Do you still know it?”


“But now I’m drowsy”

“No, you don’t look so”

“Okay, a girl throws up”

“No, no, what I want is Sally’s story”

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In Those ‘Said’ Final, Pre-Meteor Hours


Okay! This is bad. I don’t know what’s wrong with Plinky’s mind. And in fact I’m baffled by the way it abruptly suggested me to consider my sweet self dead, getting hit by a giant meteor and asked me to write what I’ll do with the last day of mine.

But, hey, maybe I shouldn’t whine much about this! Plinky will never suggest this as a prompt unless of course there’s a high probability for such a calamity to take place, right? And couldn’t this be the preconceived reason as for why I wanted to become a professional archer one day?

I mean two years back while I was schooling I used to be a serious Chess player, which can be the reason why I like to have things planned out, not just for how I expect things to go, but for every possible contingency. Even though I didn’t count on this possibility back then, who knows my liking towards archery got ignited as a result of the foreseeing power my instincts pertain?

And still I’m not even 21 years old! There are lots of things I need to do, places I need to visit before I finally make it to heaven, which I obviously can’t cover within a day. So no way I’m going to give into a dead threat some stupid meanderingly floating giant meteor is said to be making.

It’s true that right now I’m not even closer to be an archer, let alone a professional one. That’s why I’m thinking of spending the implied-whole-last-day of mine practicing archery. And when the giant meteor heads toward the earth I’m going to shoot it with my enormous sized arrow and split into pieces.

See… It’s a piece of cake when you really look at it. All it took me to relate to you how the so called giant meteor is destined to come to an end in my world, is just ONE sentence!

Seriously Plinky, this is why I think your prompt should have been “The next-to-immortal-archer is waiting to destroy you when you head toward the earth. So what do you do with the last seconds of your life as a giant meteor?” and not the other way round!

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