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Dedicated To My Feet!


I know, I know! I have been a bad girl and neglected my blog for a while! Its not because I had nothing to write, but simply because I didn’t have the words to express how sad I feel and  what I’ve been thinking about the death of  a  student by electrocution  at our university hostels solely due to negligence of authorities. The outrage I feel is such  that if  I start venting my anger, you will surely know how malicious I can be if I choose to be so. So in the end it seems prudent for me to say nothing, for no matter what I say or do now, he is not going to come back.

Now that you know how my life has been during the days I went missing, lets move from being serious to chasing butterflies, shall we?

The above is a picture of our university, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (SUSL), renown to be second only to the University of Peradeniya for its beauty and size (note by acres and not by number of students!). And if you have been to our university you would know most of the times your life savior, your only transportation mode is your feet!

In simpler terms at SUSL its all about walking the walk using your feet!

And that’s how we rock, overrating our walk, you see!

In case you’ve not still got it, lets come clean.

I’m not the biggest fan of morning strolls mission! I mean, come on, at SUSL the mornings are misty! So rather than getting up and traveling from our boarding place to the university, I’d rather crawl in and sleep! I wish one of these days I would write some Java programme to make myself sleepwalk! But since I know that’s not going to happen I’m gleefully waiting for someone to invent a car chair like in Wall E!

Remember back in school they taught us walking is exercise cos it burns calories? For chubby people, yes! But if you are skinny like me, how on earth walking is going to help? Enlighten me, please!

But in any case walking is way better than jogging. They say jogging increases your life time. Well, who can argue with that? Cos each time I jog I feel 10 years older, with my legs turned sore and lethargic!

Like there is a silver lining in every dark cloud, there is one good advice they give about walking; before criticizing someone walk a mile in his/ her shoes. When you think about it, its a pretty good idea! Cos when it comes to the time you mock the other, you’d be mile away with their shoes on your feet!


Hurricane Names; They Crack Me Up!


There are way too many problems in our world. We have got poverty, homelessness, fuel shortages, economic downturns, and even the Sri Lankan university system to add to that!

To make things worse, now even the nature is hitting at us!

Well, it’s not that I’m saying the natural disasters were not here before. They were sure out there. But now the numbers have increased, IMMENSELY, sucking the life out of too many people!

May be it’s because the Mayans are right about the world coming to an end in 2012.

Or may be it’s not.

But whatever the reason, it makes a perfect sense for all of us to keep our eyes wide open and know-it-all about all sorts of possible disasters in these destructive times.

In Sri Lanka, after I was born, there has been nothing more than hurricanes, floods, mountain slides, and the tsunami which struck us in 2004. And given our geographical location, the possibility of us getting hit by any other kind of disaster is minimal.

Anyway, from the havocs we have had so far, which baffles me the most are hurricanes.

I simply don’t understand why hurricanes have names!

I can understand people’s need to name pets, planets and may be even household equipments. But why hurricanes and only hurricanes for that matter? It’s as if they are trying to come up with a whole family tree of hurricanes!

They have not put the current lineup for Indian Ocean hurricanes in the internet, yet. But the 2011 Atlantic storm list is as follows: Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irene, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince, and Whitney.

Do I need to say that I’m confused? Who is going to take a warning about Hurricane Sean seriously? Cos all it reminds me is Jay Sean! Same goes for Hurricane Lee. I had a classmate with that name, whom it’s difficult for me to picture destroying half the world. Perhaps I should give him a buzz and ask if he finds this association flattering!

Sure, this list is a fair play because it has got both male and female names in it. And much better than the 2009 list, which had both Rose and Grace in it, where I can’t even think of any reason why anyone would want to name a hurricane after Rose! Most probably it must have been some angry guy who got rejected by a lover named Rose or who got thrashed by the very bunch of Roses he had offered! And then Grace! How could anything as catastrophic as a hurricane have any grace in it? In this way they might as well name a hurricane – Fluffy Kitten!

So frankly this is why they should name these whirlwinds of doom after something scary, if they really want to warn people about an in-coming hurricane. (Well, my friends would surely know what is in store for them if a hurricane is named ‘Nir’!)

Or at least use names that  demonstrate their calamitous nature.

Cos I’m sure even “Hurricane Enron struck us hard” or “Hurricane WorldCom is gone for good”, would do the job better!

Me – 0, These Days – 1 (No Wonder Why It Sucks Big Time)


Let’s face it.

It’s true I’ve pledged to myself to post in a consistent manner and become this super duper awesomely cool blogger. But in reality some days suck in an epic way, leaving me wordless.

And till November 25th ends (that’s the final day of my CIMA exams), I feel all my days are going to be dog days, where I’m expected to live standardized days with less amount of absurdities taking place for obvious reasons!

So, no, sorry. I can’t provide you with any quality material today since I’m dead exhausted.

But let me take the liberty of recommending you few good movies (2010) to watch and make it up for you!

Here we go…

I know this post is not conspicuous at all. But the next best reason I could come up with for this writing is that I’ve got one serious problem of which I’m worried over, apart from oil running out, global warming might fry our planet, and if the world doesn’t come to an end in 2012 like in the movie at least we will kill each other. That is living in a world where comedies  no longer exist and dying from boredom…

And I think that sole reason makes today’s post totally worth it!

Cheers for me!

Strictly For Cheaper PR!


I find it totally inexplicable that the word ‘abbreviation’ itself is a long word consisting of 12 letters, despite the fact it talks of being concise.

And I constantly find myself wondering what thrives people to abbreviate words while engaging in casual conversation, when they are sending text messages or chatting on the internet. If there’s anything which drives me crazy much often, it’s when people try to mess my mind with their short form mind twisters!

Yet I would be a hypocrite if I don’t admit that I was also once a big fan of this squish-the-word-to-save-brevity business. Nevertheless, I made this bitter realization that my endeavours only lead me towards forgetting spellings soon afterward! To be frank with you, there was a time I even stopped writing for a second, struggling to recall if ‘e’ or ‘i’ comes first when we spell ‘their’! Yes, it was that bad! Bad enough to compel me to abandon this business of abbreviating!

Anyway my best friend’s opinion is these short cuts help us to refrain from the formality in friendly conversations. And why pay 33 cents more when you can jolly well chop down some letters and bring an extensive text message to one from two? So may be she has a point. But I still hate perky initials!

The first time someone used ‘MSN’ on me, I thought the person was talking about the email service provider only to find out he was in fact talking of ‘mission’! When we do a little bit of math we could see almost 57.14% of the total letters are omitted! Next, ‘BRB’. It took me two minutes to decode that it stands for ‘be right back’! Again an omission of 76.92%, now including spaces too! And then the toughest of all the ones I have come across so far, ‘TTL’! Can you imagine it stands for ‘talk to you later’, lazily dropping the ‘Y’ and marking a skyrocket omission of 82.35%?

Hmm… Having said all these now let’s check if you are smart enough to translate this!

You couldn’t? Never mind! All I could is also ‘ASAP’!

See… That’s why it sucks big time! And there, I said it!

So the following note is to all my friends who are Zen masters at briefing words.

Dr frnds,

OMG! Y dd u all do ths 2 me? Y dd u all drp ltrs in sch awy? U no, t stupfied me, terfied me, horified me! N no, i’m nt LOL. Nor i’m ROFL or LMAO. I’m nt evn ROFLMAOYSST! I’m dead srios. U hurt me. U md me luk lyk a tube l8. N md me ^set so I almst hd a ❤ attck. I needd ECG! I needd CPR! T z all bcz f UR fault. Bt I no u care tho. U dnt wnt me 2 die lyk dat N liv in fear nt nowin f I wud haunt u, r8? So plz, nxt tym omit ur briefin technqs instd f ltrs cos I sure worth ur tym!

Gldly thankin u n advnc,



The Early Bird Catches The Worm!


There goes one of the famous idioms, the origin of which has been recorded in John Ray’s A collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678:

“The early bird catcheth the worm.”


And now being almost 21 years old I think there’s something wrong in this idiom.

According to this idiom if a bird wants a worm, then it’s a MUST to have an alarm clock! Okay… But  then, what about the birds who can’t afford an alarm clock? The ones who suffer from poverty so much that having an alarm clock is way beyond their means? The ones who fly up the mountain and chirp real loud “I will work for an alarm clock”? Are they destined to live the rest their lives on bird feed stamps while the privileged ones are to climb the ladder of success further ahead with more food?

An acute problem, you see!

However I think this idiom is to imply that the champions who aspire to boom should wake up early. Da, da, damn! Then the final automatic disclaimer is I’m already screwed and doomed! I never wake up early now! 6 AM is my earliest and anything followed by an ‘AM’ is simply a killer! I just don’t see a point in dragging myself out of the bed when I could have a good day easily with more sleep! So I get up to pull myself right on time on the week days and a bit late during the week ends! Each time I miss anything due to the mere fact of working according to my schedule is all your fault, you silly bird! It’s all because you and all the goodie goodies who wake up early!

And I don’t even want a worm! I will only eat worms if they are gummy enough and come in with sugar on them in colourful  packets! I mean who wants a normal worm except for that creepy little birds? Personally I opt for sleeping in than chomping down on some icky bug. And I’m 100% sure the worm would also rather vote for sleeping in than becoming someone’s prey early morning.


See… I’m right as ALWAYS! 

So you silly dizzy bird, I have many reasons not to like you! And in fact I despise you! How dare you try to make us humans look like fools with your stupid attributes? You are the real fool cos at least we humans know to enjoy life other than going after worms!

Oh you moronic early bird, I only hope you go…