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Hello There!


I decided to take a break from all the studying for CIMA and procrastinating. In fact, I lost my train of thought somewhere down the line. But I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to end with “I’m blogging!” So, here I am…

Hmmm… Did I tell you the week just ended was so not good for me? Well, I got my CIMA strategic level exam results and I failed all 3 subjects! The good thing is my parents didn’t decide to bury me alive and dance on my grave! Anyway, it was a HUGE wake up call. And I hope to do better next time! So keep your fingers crossed to hear me venting around May!

Honestly, much to my own dismay, even though I started to write this, today I have nothing much to blog about! Life is uneventful right now and I know, ‘Shame on me’! So I’ll just share some photos with you, of the five kinds of English books I have at home. (Apart from my most cherished books!)

#01 – My father’s books. Almost all of them are second-hand!

#02 – Books my mother bought for me when I was small, which I never read, because I used to hate English back then! (For me, Elocution classes meant torture! So I merrily doodled around till I turned 11! That year my father started to read a Secret Seven book for me but never completed it, compelling me to learn English to know how the story ends. Before that I could swear to god, I don’t think I knew the alphabet even!)

#03 – Books I bought by myself, but never bothered to read because I bought them only to show-off!

#04 – Books I abandoned reading half way through.

And finally,

(Drum roll please!)

#05 – Books I’ve hidden on the side of my wardrobe to be read when I run out-of-pocket money to buy books! (I know, I’m still cool! Just like a squirrel who stores food for Winter!)

Does anyone out there also have the 5th kind of books or am I the only crazy person who needs to completely shut down and pull back into my ninja turtle shell?

Let me know, please!

Cos if you are also my kind, I want to get back to you and say,


I Feel A Little Ostracized


Some people fear blood. Some people fear heights. Some even fear the world coming to an end in 2012! Surrounded by all these ‘normal’ people with normal phobias, I find myself rather odd, because my fear is myself!

I’m an overzealous fan of Google. So whenever I’m super bored, I Google myself with the pure intention of finding how I must be appearing to cyber stalkers! (Hello! They say ‘First impression is important!’) But I got to say, the result doesn’t leave me with full of the joys of spring!

I know, now you must be in all at sixes and sevens, wondering what could be SO wrong. Well, let me tell you, all the first few search entry results Google gives me of me are related to a serious game! A game which picks the smart-ass out of two brains! A game which serious minds only play! Thus, a game I no longer want to play!

Specifying a bit further, I have come to the realization that teens were my saint like years. The ones I spend now, the twenties are my adventurous crappy years! So now, as a one who thinks the place for a perfect wedding is Las Vegas, Google search entry results are not the way I clearly want to sell myself! And the mere thought that people might buy the words in those top search entry resluts in Google blows my mind, making me pee a lot until I’ve got nothing inside of me!

That’s why I’m writing this, wearing a diaper and shivering under my blankets, nevertheless trying to fight back and sell myself smartly, just like a Wall Street trader would do!

“I’m going to engage in Archery and what Google tells you is not right”

Luckily for most of you, I’ve postponed my arrow related activities to next month, so I could spare you from details of my-most-likely-to-occur-misadventures which you might find tedious. But if you are also in the small fringe community of hobbyists who sit in the same boat with me, I could promise you that my aim is to be the next Robin Hood.

In the mean time, others, keep in your mind, even your lovey dovey Cupid is an archer! AND ARCHERS ROCK AND ROLL YOUR WORLD!

P. S.: You are entitled to a bonus because you just finished reading my 25th blog post! So have fun checking out these sites, Cake Wrecks, Awkward Family Photos, and my personal favourite This Is Why You Are Fat. Where Dreams Become Heart Attacks!

In The Spotlight Today, Rasangi Weerasekera


“I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman!” – Rasangi Weerasekera, In an email she sent to me!

So here I am – the Superman coming to rescue this girl who is a perfect example of doing it all! 😉


After writers, musicians are the kind who get welcomed to my life, with a fanfare of trumpets and rose petals, because they are the legion of people who help us to figure how to claw ourselves out after we are sucked into the depths of boredom, and in essence remind us our tune and keep us sane when life is racing by at a frightening pace.  So it is sufficed to say I was indeed one of those lucky ones to receive an up and coming musician in the same package of a senior Chess team captain while schooling, back in year 2005.

Call it kismet, luck, fate. Rasangi Weerasekera is a blessed pianist who filled our ears with the magic of a fusion of C Sharps and A Flats, using the insights she gleaned in the realm of music, through out her school life. And she is one inspiring friend who has a talent for multitasking, who excelled in the fields of studies, music and Chess while schooling, and one who still clings herself to music somehow, navigating time with her busy schedules in University life.

So without dragging this further ahead, let me present you with her debut on YouTube.

Is it possible for you not to enjoy it?

As far as providing pure entertainment, I can say she can’t be easily beaten. And the way she fascinates me makes me eagerly await  to attend the public concert where I am sure she’ll debut the myriad of talents she possesses.

So I’ll end today’s post wishing her success in the music field.


And The Winners Are…


Okay, I admit it! I’m the Queen of Vagueness!

But now, in order to mitigate the effect, let me enlighten you of what this is all going to be about!


One day when I grow up, and finally (plus hopefully!) start making MY OWN money!

Because the visited country map I see now is more of a plain one! With so many countries to visit!

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

See what I mean? I’ve only visited 3 countries so far! (Only now it hit me! Singapore is a tiny country! So tiny that it couldn’t be marked in a world map! Yet ‘Wheeeee’! Cos Sri Lanka is ‘mark-able’ in that context!) Anyway 3 countries mean just 1% of the world!

So 99% of the world is (Or is it ‘are’? Fudge my grammar!) still awaiting my visit! (Falling down fainted!)

[Seriously? You thought I fainted? Jeez! I’m the Mighty King! I don’t faint!]

Mmmm… Now… (Hypnotized!) Where was I? Aah! I was working on the opening lines to present you with my winners!

So here you go…

(Drum roll please!)

Second Runner Up – Egypt

Camels – Future Pets I’m Going to Adopt

Pyramids I Built in My Previous Soul

(And YES, You Most Definitely Can HAIL ME!)

Yahooooo! Mummies!

First Runner Up – Italy

Robert Langdon! Angels and Demons! Here I Come to Vatican!

POSH! Boats Instead of Submarines!

Leaning Tower – Work of My Enemy in a Previous Soul!

I Just Want to See it Before Crashes! (Evil Laugh!)

Winner out of Winners – France


Because there are…


Lovers AND


Okay! I’m just kidding!

The real reasons are…

I Want to Check the Tree House in Paris Disneyland

Paris at Night – Who Could Resist? Who Simply Could?

And Finally, Tra-La-Laa!

Because This is How I Want to Die!